Unsubscriber is a very simple, "drag and drop" solution to eliminate unwanted email in your inbox. It has served over 6 million users in 50+ countries. Our consumer team inherited this as a legacy product from Other Inbox on aging infrastructure. Our task was was to port over to newer technology, analyze the consumer breakpoints, and update the look and feel.


Susan Wilhelm, Chad Shinsato, Travis Stiles, Chris Duncan, Aaron Labrie, Allyson Weber, Marilyn Rogers

My Role

As the UX / UI Designer on the project, my responsibilities included: 

  • Discovery: Stakeholder & User Interviews, Business Goals, Competitive Analysis
  • Definition: Identifying KPI's, Persona, Product Flows, Value Proposition
  • Design: Style Guide, Visual Design, Prototyping, Branding, Marketing

The Challenge

In addition to porting the millions of users and their rules over to a new tech stack, our team had the following business goals:

  • Fix account creation and grow existing user base. 
  • Reduce churn
  • Solve any usability problems.

Landing Page

Our #1 business goal we needed to address was account creation. There was a problem with on the last site we ran A/B landing page experiments, adjusted the copy, increased CTA buttons, utilized google tag manager and localytics to improve the acquisition funnel. 

put a robot on it

I gave the product a little mascot love.


Our #2nd business goal was to reduce churn. In solving for this, we noticed that a very high percentage of users hadn't created a rule in a long time. This was a set it and forget it app but there was zero onboarding. Users weren't able to find their folder. I designed a specific onboarding flow for each of the email service providers and a generic version for IMAP clients. 

user settings panel

The primary user action for Unsubscriber is to get rid of unwanted mail by dragging and dropping mail from a particular sender into a folder in their inbox. One of the most common problems for the user was that they didn't know how to re-subscribe to a sender or that they accidentally made a mistake in unsubscribing.  The decision was made to add a list in the user settings panel. Also, another design challenge was to decouple this product away from it's sister product, "Organizer." 


admin panel 

Another common problem for the product would stop working and senders that a user had created rules for, would magically show up again. Sometimes this was because of user error, sometimes this was because of inactivity. Our support staff had endless tickets for this reason. We simplified this process for support by letting them change the state of a user and gave them the capability to "view" as a user.