C. Vincent Plummer – True North

Feb. 29th – 2012

Michael Bailey, Dave Devine, C. Vincent Plummer

This album is the amalgamation of 2-3 years of tracks that got put on the back burner. For one reason or another they weren’t ready to be born yet… alas, they were born a Pisces.


C. Vincent Plummer: guitar(s), vocals, keys, beats (tracks 1-8)
Dave Devine: guitar(s), banjo, keys, beats (tracks 1-8)
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Dave Devine

Music by: C. Vincent Plummer
Tracks: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8
Lyrics: 1-8

Music by: Pinback
Track: 3
Lyrics: 3

Music by: Michael Bailey
Tracks: 5

Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Dave Devine. All instruments were played by either CVP or Dave Devine. All tracking was done in their Los Angeles & Denver apartments/dungeons. Special thanks to Michael Bailey for letting us commandeer his personal headspace, house, and gear.

Original photo from video footage by Bob Parasiliti
Album artwork by CVP

Special thanks to:
Marci Shaklee, Amelia Yokel, Bob Parasaliti, Jon Vidmar, Jack Parsons, Michael Bailey