Research / Flow Chart / Interaction Design

Photo Voting Widget

The photo question was by far the most common type of bedloo. It was simple, stable, and connected to the user's personal photo library. In addition, we connected the BING photo API so a user could search for the image they wanted. It was designed so that it could be shared or embedded by anyone. This was used most by the publishers and bloggers.


video Voting Widget

A user could also embed and let people vote on their favorite videos. We enabled this by connecting the Youtube, Vevo, and Vimeo API's.


Music Widget

We integrated the soundcloud API and users were able to get their fans to vote on their favorite tracks. Radio publishers used this as an engagement tool and encouraged their listeners to vote on their favorite songs. Hot 97 and Power 106 incorporated this in their "Battle of the Beats" campaign. It was also a favorite with Funk Master Flex.



Interaction Design

Bedloo’s embeddable widget is free for anyone to use. We built it to be a fun engagement tool for bloggers and for social mavens to use on their personal websites.

Features available to everyone:

  • Voting w/ Photos, Videos, Music
  • Social Sharing Integration
  • Multiple widget embed sizes

For white label artists, brands, and publishers we allow full customization. This is an ideal opportunity to integrate current brand relationships.

The following features are available for an upgrade:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Logo w/ URL
  • Custom Offers (see below)


Based on research showing a global trend in digital ad spend and mobile coupons, we developed additional white label features for our voting widget. 



Flow Chart / Interaction Design

After the user votes, A URL redirect pops up with an offer specific to your choice. Based on the success of our widget (we average a much higher CTR than the industry standard for digital banner ads) we decided to include the same functionality as an ad after the vote. The idea is that the vote would act as the “trojan horse” for engagement. Once the user votes, an offer relevant to their vote would be presented. 


Capture opinions and start a conversation

Each question offers the opportunity for brands and marketers to capture the opinions of consumers in an elegant and engaging manner.

  • Consumers answer a simple two choice question directly on the Bedloo widget.
  • For further engagement and conversation building, brands can integrate an o er as an added incentive to voting.
  • To redeem, consumers give their email address further increasing your opportunity to engage directly with your consumers.
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