Bedloo - home page redesign


We ran a series of internal tests with employees and investors. We also ran a test with users. When visiting our home page, there was confusion about what our product does. Users found the home page uninteresting. There also seemed to be ambiguity around our product for people who wanted to do business with us. It was clear we needed to change it.

Bedloo has two main personas.

1. A passionate social network of people (Millennials 18-24) consuming and creating user generated content.

2. Pop culture publishers looking to use the widget on their own site for fan engagement and data collection.


Address Needs of Young Userbase:

  • Video Explanation
  • Mobile Download
  • Product In Action
  • Trending Topics / Bedloo Studios
  • Leaderboard / Social / Newsletter

Address needs of Publishers:

  • Video Explanation
  • Product In Action
  • Business call-to-action
  • Brands Using Bedloo
  • 3rd party validation


After discussing with the team what the important elements of the page was, I sketched a few ideas. This was the idea that stuck.

Testing Nav Bars

We ran more tests on the nav bar. People voted on the black vs. white design. White won.

Wireframe - Front End

I used illustrator to quickly mockup a wireframe. I used a ‘stripe’ idea (similar to wordpress) because we wanted the sections of the home page to be modular.

Wireframe - Content Management

Here is a wireframe for a content management system. The goal was to have it be simple to use for a social media manager to update. Also, I aimed for a system that could be updated often without having to bother the development team with consistent updates.



1st draft design.

Notes on Mockups

Notes on the design.

Final Design

The final version – coded responsively by Douglas Waltman with HTML/CSS. Backend coding provided by Mike O’toole.